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If one of your hobbies is reading, you might probably have experienced the situation that I'm going to talk about.
I can't describe how it feels when you're finishing a book that you really love and knowing that there isn't a second part of it. Perhaps after one (or maybe two) years the book will become famous and some people would have the greatest idea of making a film of your lovely book to earn more money. 

I don't know why I get excited when I find out that a book that I read it will become a movie. Everyone knows (or has heard) that books are better than the film version of them. I think that the directors change scenes for making the film more commercial. And I suppouse that if you didn't know that there was a book, you'll find the film very interesting.
It's very difficult to show every moment that the book has in only two hours and it's also difficult to project what you read and what you have in your mind into real persons. But what I hate the most it's when the film doesn't show the things that happens to secondary characters,  and sometimes they just delete them! I know that it's not essential for the film's main theme but these little details are what make it special. 

In conclussion, if you have a book in your hands but you know that there's a film version... Take off your laziness! Catch a cosy blanket, find a comfortable place in your sofa, start reading and let your imagination free! I admit that I love to watch films and even more if I'm with friends, but if I'm alone and I don't have anything to do, I'll read!

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The book is always better
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