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It has been three years since I started this blog, and sadly, this post is going to be the last one.  I think that it has been a rewarding experience, and something that I will like re-read sometimes in the future. Specially in this one, that I have left my tastes, my feelings and thoughts.

I'm sure that it helped me to improve my english, however it has been difficult to find topics to write about. It's difficult sometimes to choose a theme out of everything. I don't consider myself as a person who doesn't has imagination but finding things to talk about has been a challenge. Each blog reflects each person and I would like to think that I did a great job. My future self is the only one who will know the answer, if I see the old me while reading this.

If my future self is reading this, I hope I haven't lost my nerves in the way, and that I achieved every goal that I have, including being more optimist and having a good sleep habit. I hope that I won't give up if things aren't as I was expecting and I hope that I will be happy





The 22nd of April it was my birthday, but it was a very normal day considering that I had to go to school. A curious fact is that this day is also the Day of the Earth, and a day before a very special date in Catalonia, St. George's Day. But that's not the story I wanted to explain.

Since the past two years we celebrate birthdays with the condition that the person who's celebrating can't organize a thing. Although we always end up doing the same party to each person, we love to be reunited and to dedicate the day (and night) to one person that we apreciate. Nevertheless, turning eighteen is a big deal for us, so the party has to be even more especial.

I must say, that although it was suposed to be a surprise, I was expecting something but I had no idea what would be and how they were going to fool me. 

That weekend, my boyfriend dragged me into the sports centre because it was his last basketball match. My firsts thoughts were that then we would go to a restaurant and perhaps the others will also be there, but it wasn't the case. While Xavier's team was being terribly defeated, his mother told me that they had a dinner planned already. So when the match ended, they brought me home. As I was entering, my mother through the doorbell speaker ordered me to bring water bottles upstairs (a task that I usually do). And when I opened the garage door... Surprise!!! All of my friends were there. They had decorated the garage and they build a big table to eat. Then we played ping pong and we did funny photos with accessories that they made. After eating an amazing cake we went to Barraques in Figueres. 

The next day, I celebrate it by doing a family lunch, and everyone came basically for the fact that Xavier was also coming and they are really noisy! That day I recieved the best present I had in my life. Without exagerating. My mother made me a scrapbook of my life and it's the most toughtful present ever. The hours she spent doing it! Since Easter!
The reason she made it is because since I could draw I have been giving postcards to everyone (and for every ocasion) however I didn't recieved any (except the ones that came from my cousin, who's an artist making them!) and I always told her that I would really like if someone made me one. At the end of the Scrapbook it says "Every page is a postcard", so I guess that now I'm not able to complain anymore! 

Here're some photos of the weekend:




Els Amics de les Arts is a pop catalan band well known in Catalonia. And this year they celebrate their 10th anniversary. Although I haven't been following them since 2005 (I was too young to be able to know who they were) I have been listening to their music since 2008-09, when I discovered a song that I still love, called L'home que treballa fent de gos.

I think that I know the lyrics of each song that they have. I love their way of making music. Each song has a story, and every story is weird in a funny way. Even the ones that talk about love! 
Appart of the lyrics, I also love the musicality of the group, they are not affraid of using a lot of instruments. You can see their evolutions through their CD's, perhaps their style is more mature, but you can recognise from a thousand miles away a song from them! 

Another thing to have in consideration is that they are quite normal people. You can relate to them, and their concerts are really, really funny and magical. 

Resultado de imagen de els amics de les arts
Resultado de imagen de els amics de les arts
Resultado de imagen de els amics de les arts
There's an anecdote related to them that I will always remember: one day, we were in maths class doing a very mecanical and long exercise, we had to do graphics, and suddently, out of the blue, someone sung out loud a single random sentence from a song made by the band. Then, another person followed him with the next sentence, and then another person popped out singing the following part. We weren't bothering anyone, and sharing songs that you love with people who also love them was a very magical experience. The songs are that easy to follow that it's almost impossible to not doing it!

I apreciate a lot their music and almost everyday in our traject to school I sang the songs to start the day with energy.
Here's one of the songs that they made to celebrate the 10th anniversary. It's called Els amics s'ajuden amb tot. In my opinion, it's the weirdest video that they have ever made. But I really like it! Also, L'home que treballa fent de gos (a very apreciated caracter for the fandom) also has an appearance which I find very hilarious!

dissabte, 14 de març de 2015


I'm sorry, but as the last book had two films, my entries about Harry Potter must have to be two. Alright, no more jokes related to the theme. The main reason why I am continuing writing about Harry Potter it's simply because I didn't finish to tell all my story about the magic world.

Did you know that the studios of Harry Potter are now a museum? Guess who did. You're right! I did! They are in London, and when my parents told me last Christmas why not go to London I couldn't be happier. I explained them the hole thing that I've written about H.P. in here and they agreed to go to the museum. But there was a problem, you can only buy tickets online, and when we tried to fix a date to go we saw that they were all sold out (at Christmas they decorate all the museum and the demand increased a lot), they have been sold out months ago.
I don't want to sound childish, still, it made me very sad, you can't even imagine how. I was sadder than the day I went to see One Direction without my glasses on. Even more angrier with myself than the day I went to see One Direction for the second time and I almost forgot my ticket. 

Once in London we tried everything to get some tickets. And in the end we were able to get two. I still remember the pain of having a smile all day long without being able to close my mouth. 

And the day came. I was amazed. There was everything, each costume, each house, each wig, EVERYTHING you can imagine that appears in Harry Potter was there. What I enjoyed the most was being able to try the Butterbeer (a classical beverage that appears in the books): it was very sweet but it had soda, so it was spicy, too. And of course, the Hogwarts castle, a small (but very big) replica of the magic school. Even my mother enjoyed the trip a lot! 

The magic chess in the entrance of the museum



I still remember one Christmas someone got me the first three films of Harry Potter in a box. I had heard of them before but I wasn't interessed in that. I remember someone saying to me something about the second film, which is called The Chamber of Secrets, (in Spanish: la camara de los secretos) and I thought that the films had to be a mess if there was a digytal camera having secrets. Yes. I didn't know at all what a "camera" was. However, when a friend told me that the films were about a magic world, I knew that I had to watch them.

So I did, again, and again, and again and it doesn't matter how many times that I've watched them if I had a free day (it takes 24 hours to see all the films consecutively) I would watch them again.

I guess that you can call me a freak. Well, it's about to get "freaker".

I thought that if I loved that much the movies I would love the books as much as I did with the films. So I tried to read them but it didn't work for me. Well, I must say that I started with the fourth book instead of reading the first one. Clever idea Anna.

Years went by until I met a special person who had the same taste in books as me, and he said that he loved Harry Potter. So I read them again, this time starting with the first one. And I couldn't stop. Perhaps because I knew the story, but, oh, the books! I've always said that books are better than films, and Harry Potter is NOT an exeption! Well, the soundtrack of the film is a great plus, because I couldn't imagine how it would be thinking about Harry Potter and not singing the typical melody. Nevertheless, when I watch the films I miss a lot of characters and details that aren't in them! Where are Winky and Peeves????  

I'm not the only person who has fallen in love with Harry Potter, the producers of the film were crazy about it, and of course, J.K. Rowling who couln't resist just writing seven books and sometimes gives more information and facts about the world of Hogwarts. Every single character, object, scene has a story behind it. Isn't that amazing?

Harry Potter has turned into my bible (please notice the humor, I'm not really that crazy). Both the film and the books throw two morals in the air: friends are also family and that what define us is not our abilities, it's our choices.

                                                     The Queen and an old woman in a hat:



Peaky Blinders is one of my favourite series of all time. I'm not going to say what the plot is about (I don't want to spoil anything) but I can assure you that it's full of surprises and adrenaline. If you love series that are set in the past and in Britain, and with no love stories (well, there are some) you'll love this one. The Peaky Blinders were a criminal gang from Birmingham and the series is inspired by them.
The real peaky blinders

The scenography is very elegant, every detail is perfect. But what I love the most is the cockney accent that some of the main characters have. I'm used to listen to the typical accent of English, and the first time that I watched the series I couldn't stop laughing. I relate the cockney accent to a very very very Catalan farmer. Despite how it sounds, I found it very difficult to understand! 

In an old post of mine I write about a movie called Inception, Two of the actors who played in Inception (Cilian Murphy and Tom Hardy) are also in Peaky Blinders, so I cannot ask for more. 

Although it's in the past, the women that appear in the plot have a lot of protagonism, and they are as tough as the men. I suppose that the series is also defending the rights of the women, because I don't think that in that time women were treated like in the series.

Here's a little video that shows everything that I've written about: