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I'm sorry, but as the last book had two films, my entries about Harry Potter must have to be two. Alright, no more jokes related to the theme. The main reason why I am continuing writing about Harry Potter it's simply because I didn't finish to tell all my story about the magic world.

Did you know that the studios of Harry Potter are now a museum? Guess who did. You're right! I did! They are in London, and when my parents told me last Christmas why not go to London I couldn't be happier. I explained them the hole thing that I've written about H.P. in here and they agreed to go to the museum. But there was a problem, you can only buy tickets online, and when we tried to fix a date to go we saw that they were all sold out (at Christmas they decorate all the museum and the demand increased a lot), they have been sold out months ago.
I don't want to sound childish, still, it made me very sad, you can't even imagine how. I was sadder than the day I went to see One Direction without my glasses on. Even more angrier with myself than the day I went to see One Direction for the second time and I almost forgot my ticket. 

Once in London we tried everything to get some tickets. And in the end we were able to get two. I still remember the pain of having a smile all day long without being able to close my mouth. 

And the day came. I was amazed. There was everything, each costume, each house, each wig, EVERYTHING you can imagine that appears in Harry Potter was there. What I enjoyed the most was being able to try the Butterbeer (a classical beverage that appears in the books): it was very sweet but it had soda, so it was spicy, too. And of course, the Hogwarts castle, a small (but very big) replica of the magic school. Even my mother enjoyed the trip a lot! 

The magic chess in the entrance of the museum


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