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I still remember one Christmas someone got me the first three films of Harry Potter in a box. I had heard of them before but I wasn't interessed in that. I remember someone saying to me something about the second film, which is called The Chamber of Secrets, (in Spanish: la camara de los secretos) and I thought that the films had to be a mess if there was a digytal camera having secrets. Yes. I didn't know at all what a "camera" was. However, when a friend told me that the films were about a magic world, I knew that I had to watch them.

So I did, again, and again, and again and it doesn't matter how many times that I've watched them if I had a free day (it takes 24 hours to see all the films consecutively) I would watch them again.

I guess that you can call me a freak. Well, it's about to get "freaker".

I thought that if I loved that much the movies I would love the books as much as I did with the films. So I tried to read them but it didn't work for me. Well, I must say that I started with the fourth book instead of reading the first one. Clever idea Anna.

Years went by until I met a special person who had the same taste in books as me, and he said that he loved Harry Potter. So I read them again, this time starting with the first one. And I couldn't stop. Perhaps because I knew the story, but, oh, the books! I've always said that books are better than films, and Harry Potter is NOT an exeption! Well, the soundtrack of the film is a great plus, because I couldn't imagine how it would be thinking about Harry Potter and not singing the typical melody. Nevertheless, when I watch the films I miss a lot of characters and details that aren't in them! Where are Winky and Peeves????  

I'm not the only person who has fallen in love with Harry Potter, the producers of the film were crazy about it, and of course, J.K. Rowling who couln't resist just writing seven books and sometimes gives more information and facts about the world of Hogwarts. Every single character, object, scene has a story behind it. Isn't that amazing?

Harry Potter has turned into my bible (please notice the humor, I'm not really that crazy). Both the film and the books throw two morals in the air: friends are also family and that what define us is not our abilities, it's our choices.

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