diumenge, 1 de desembre de 2013


Now we began an exciting part of the year where all the streets are starting to hung up the Christmas lights, and shops are selling advent calendars and doing promotions for gifts. Also every child (in Catalonia) is starting to do the "carta als reis mags".

I think that I'm going to buy an advent calendar. Not just to count the days until it's Christmas, but it will be useful to count the days until we finish school! Although it might not be the greatest idea. It's alawys a good fact to know that we're going to have hollidays, but we always have lots and lots of homework to do. Despite all of our homework, Christmas is my favourite hollidays because everyone seems to be more happy, maybe even more than in summer!

I love to be with all my family. When I'm with all my little cousins I feel like I'm a child again! They show and share happiness in everywhere and for everyone! Well, they are happy and excited until they have to recite the poems. When I was a child I hated the fact of having to be up in a chair and recite a verse while everyone was looking at me.

The saddest part is that Christmas is going to pass as quickly as Santa Claus! 

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