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I think that we all have been in front of our computers thinking about what we can write about when it comes to a free post. And then we just leave it for later. Do you think that you have done every theme that you can imagine? I don't think so! Therefore I'm going to try to help somebody and if not, it will be useful and inspirational for me.

-Tip nº1:
Look everything that you have arround. Is there any special object that has a good memory behind it? (Like the old pillow that your grandma gave it to you years ago, but you have to hide one side because it has a stain.) Use it!
If it is too personal, you can always describe in what kind of environment do you usually work (Is it light with a lot of space? Or you prefer the cozziness of a darker room with candles all arround?)

-Tip nº2:
If you have an idea but it's very typical, try to twist it! Everyone has a post about their hobbies or favourite whatever. Try to talk about how a stranger eye would see it. Or the way the fans of something that you are also in feel it. (Like how people who don't like football see it, or how football fans feel about their teams).

Also when it comes the typical time of the year like Christmas, Summer, Easter, etc. I'm not saying that it's a bad idea to write about how you feel about it! (I love to do it) It's just that if you want to continue with the spirit of it. You can write about an especific thing (Why Santa uses red clothes? Does everyone disconnect too much in summer hollidays?) supporting what I said before, not about you, just like the way you think our society works

-Tip nº3:
Supposing that you like to write about you past, the things you've done, it will be a good idea to share some of your experiencies that we (as teenagers) considere important or made us realize how this big adult world works. Perhaps you will help someone or give them the little shove that they need.

It will be the best if we could turn our free posts of something more important than just homework. Why not to make it a way of sharing knowledge?

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