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Now that Christmas has been completely gone, perhaps it's time to look back at some festive memories. I'll write about one thing that I love to go to, but that I also hate: the "quines".

In Englans are called bingos, but I'm pretty sure that they're not similar at all (despite the fact of having to pay attention in your numbers). Usually, the most crowded towns plan bingos on Christmas. The things you earn if you win are always fruit, typical Spanish Christmas food, wine and some utensiles for the house. Then there're like mini bingos, you win them if you complete the line. Usually the prize for that is wine or champain. At the end they do the "superextra" and they give machines, like a TV, a washermachine, an Ipad or even a bike.

This are the common things that bingos do. But then as spanish people, we have to spice up the things a little bit. We usually go to bingos with all the family (from the oldest to the youngest). We don't play with counters, we play with corn (if you win a bingo, you'll have to find a place to hide, some people can't stand losing and they will throw the corn to you as a "joke"). People also shout a lot when they're about to win. They scream things like remena, remena! (It means mix the balls!). 
At the beginning I said that I also hate it, and it's because sometimes it's boring to be there just listening the numbers for two hours. For me, it all depends on the person who's shouting the numbers, because before saying the number, they say like a mini riddle. For example: 
  • Number 1: el més petit de tots ( the smallest one), but the most popular is el que fa por ( the scariest number) because all the people shout uuuuuuuuhh!
  • Number 2: l'aneguet (the little duck).
  • Number 15: la nena maca (the pretty girl).
I'm pretty sure that someone knows one riddle for each number! 

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The most famous "quina" in the Alt Empordà.
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