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Nowadays, science it's progressing so much, just as tecnology. Scientists have tried everything that now they might have gone to far. Is it right to experiment with humans? Perhaps it is, but the ability to create live it shouldn't. It will cause a lot of problems. 

Cloning it's a great advance. The fact that we know everything about our body it's not a bad thing. For me, cloning should be allowed just to copy organs to save lives, for people who need an organ. Just for having the chance to "rescue" people. 

To clone a whole organism (animal or human) in my point of view it's just an experiment of some very ambicious scientists. Why would they want to create life? It's not necessary. That's why I'm against cloning. ANd the results that they had weren't good, like Dolly the sheep, she died early and they had to sacrifice lots of embryos to find one that was functional. It's not worth it. We must not break the "invisible rules" that God or nature has. Because we wouldn't be ables to just use cloning as a beneficial experiment. Human kind is too ambicious to let an oportunity like this to forgot. We want perfection, but there's always going to be troubles for reaching it. We don't need to be perfect, it's very unfair when a young person dies, but that's life, and we can't escape from it! 

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