diumenge, 16 de febrer de 2014


Frankenstein was an ambicious scientist who created an ugly monster. The monster was created by sewing parts of dead people together so, technically, he did have a heart. But was he able to feel like us? 
It seems to me that he even felt too much. I suppose that when we're little our families teach us how to moderate our feelings but the monster had no one. In the book it says that he could feel the warmth in his body when he was staring at the poor family and it also says that he feels envy, hate and wants revenge. If I were the monster I would be paranoid.

So he definitely feels with his stolen heart but if you take a different view you'll never consider him as a human, despite the fact that he was created by human parts.

Humans also have the ability to control themselves, so as not to feel so much. I think that if we lose this kind of ability we'll just go crazy, like Frankenstein. At the end he died of sadnes, wanting to kill with his heart full of hate, without hope. If I has been Frankenstein I wouldn't have created a monster because, at the end both of them were suffering and no one won anything.

Frankenstein and his monster.
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