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Last month I went to the festival of circus in Figueres. Where circus artists from around the world came to show what they are able to do. It was like a competition, where the public has to vote the one you have liked the most.
 I really like trapezists, because it's not about to show what they are able to do, like contorsionists, they have to create a mini story or a really good coreography to transmit feelings to the public. The jugglers were also really good, they had a lot of coordination. The only thing that I don't like are clowns. They can be scary as hell, or just not funny, maybe it's because I've never seen one good enough, or because only kids are able to laugh at the jokes that they do. But I don't think so, I found it a riddiculous humor.  

One of the shows was a contorsionist who came from Russia. I's a little bit scary what they do, but that's not my main point, she was my age! I really can't imagine me in front of so many people doing that. Having to move constantly, you only can make friends with the people who are in the circus, a life on the road. Are all our applauses worth it? I don't think so, you practically dedicate your life to trainings and shows. It's a lot of pressure, even if I was really good at this stuff, I don't think that I could bear this kind of lifestyle. 

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