dimarts, 25 de novembre de 2014


A month before the 25th of December, all the towns put up their lights to brighten up the streets with Christmas spirit. In Barcelona, for example, they hung up and turned on stars and other shapes related to Christmas. You could recognise "El Corte Inglés" from miles away because you're not going to find an empty space without a light. 

However, in Figueres Christmas is experienced in a different way. If you walk through "La Rambla" you're not going to find stars. Instead you'll see giant ants climbing the trees. And in the middle of some streets there're Christmas trees made of butterflies. 
Figueres use those lights for a reason: to promote a very famous artist known arround the world: Salvador Dalí. Dalí once made postcards with strange drawings and Figueres decided to turn them into Christmas lights. I grew up looking at those strange lights and I didn't find them particulary pretty. They were strange. It wasn't until this year that someone told me what they meant and now I think that the idea was very original. And it's obvious that they're from Dalí! 

To make the most of the idea of the lights, they offer a guided visit through the streets of Figueras and they explain the meaning of each light.  

Here's all the lights that they created:


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