dissabte, 22 de novembre de 2014


Sinc the day we started preschool until now, some of us have been friends. So this year is the last course that we're going to do together. It's sad to not continue with them last year. We've all changed, we've not been in the same class always, and perhaps we weren't that close five years ago. Yet we have seen each other every day trough seventeen years.
 Everyone will go in different places next year, so perhaps that's the reason why we're usually remembering moments of our childhood and sharing them with friends. At first we couldn't remember a lot of things but the fact of sharing them made us remember moments we completely forgot about. Sharing other peoples' version of a moment made us realise how much our attitude has changed. 

I'm still pretty shy, but when I was little I was EXTREMELY shy. And I was always crying (unfortunately, everybody remembers that). I guess that you stop being shy when yoy get older, but it's weird to think that you weren't always like the person you are now and after all, you're always you (but changing). In primary I wouldn't go to school if I hadn't had my hair in a ponytail and wearing sweatpants and now I'm the opposite!

I also remember how other friends had changed: Tània was as shy as I was, and Miquel was a little bit bossy. But Jana and Edith, I remember them being exactly the same as they are now!

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