divendres, 22 de febrer de 2013


The last two weekends it was carnival. This year it was so diferent than the others.

Since I was four, I used to be in a group. We  met every weekend to create the costumes and prepare the coreography. We had a great time: since I can remember I did carnival with them and it was pretty hard to leave, but we are young and we are making new friends all the time and I supouse that it's a normal thing to change if you want to go with your friends that you meet everyday, so that's what we did.
 Some of the girls of the group left the other and we made another group (not so serious like the other) with other people.

 We were eighteen and we went to the carnival of St.Pere and Castelló. We have a great time together, our costumes were of cheerleaders and I think that we made a great "impact" all of us with the same dresses.
I cannot count the times that I have laughted! It was so funny! I'm starting to miss wearing my costume, it's so sad to think that we will have to wait until the next year!

Rut, Sílvia and me.

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