dimarts, 5 de març de 2013


Since that we began the second term, I'm not feeling good: I'm in an impossible routine.
 I have tried the best but this is just too much. I spend a lot of time in extra activities like ballet or voleyball and when I come home  I feel so tired but I convince myself for doing all my homework, taking a shower, having dinner and then more homework. 
When I haven't got exams it is a different thing, but when the term is finishing it's a completly stress.
I feel tired, but not because all the things that I do, it's because I just want to do them all well, so I spent a lot of time. The main problem is that I haven't got that time, and then I sleep less. In our age it's very important to sleep well, to sleep eight hours, and I know that I should have to give up one activity, but I love doing them so much.

I get stressed when I think about what's waiting for me next week, and knowing that I'm going to feel tired.
I can not remember the last time when I said that I was bored, I would never guess that I would say that but, I miss feeling bored, because then it was when I had time to do whatever I wanted to do, just me myself and I, spending time doing what I love: reading the books I want to read (and now I've got a pile in a shelve full of dust), learning to play the guitar (and now it's in a corner waiting to somebody plays it, and it has a lot of dust, too), or just walking arround home without any worries.

Anyway, I'm happy with myself because I know that I'm not the only one who feels like this, we're not alone! :D
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