dijous, 7 de març de 2013


1. I haven't got a favoutite color, but I don't like bright colors like yellow or orange.

2. When I was younger, I used to collect labels and stickers.

3. I haven't got a pet and I don't want one. Perhaps some day you will hear me saying I want a cat. This is      weird to expalin but I don't  want a cat, I WANT TO BE a cat! They are the most comfortable pets I have ever seen, they just walk arround sleeping in front of the sun making scratches to anyone who's annoying them and if they're hungry they just have to say "meow". They're in some kind of daily hollidays all their life!

4. I'm a very happy person, but I haven't got a lot of sense of humor and I use to get angry with some jokes.

5. Listening to music is an important thing for me because it makes me feel good, with more energy and positivity.

6. A few things that I think that they're disgusting: sea watter, when you sit in the toilet and you realize that it's still warm (because another person used it before you), used bandages and feeling your tooth dirty. (I'm going to stop because if I continue I think that I could write a hole essay talking about that).

7. My phobia: bugs. I cannot kill them. I don't know why but when I see one I will just gonna be paralized. I would prefer knowing that there's a bug without knowing where is it than killing one.

8. I've got a lot of patience and I'm usually a quiet person, but if someone is annoying me I get angry easily.

9. My favourites dishes are salmon and spaghetti carbonara. I hate paella.

10. When I'm inspired, I love to do hand made cards, or some DIY (do it yourself) that I found on YouTube.

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