dijous, 7 de març de 2013


I love reading, and I love all the books that I have read, not all of them, but if there's one book that I don't remember of what was about it means that it wasn't very interesting. But I'm not going to write of them.
 I want to talk of another kind of books, those which you read with just seeing the images. When I read one of those, I feel that I don't have to read the text because the image is giving me all the feelings that the writer is trying to explain. You will buy the book because of the illustrators, as all the books they're illustrating are  popular stories. 
My favourite two illustrators are Rebecca Dautremer and Benjamin Lacombe. I wish I could draw like them. Their drawings are amazing and I love taking a book from the shelf and read it while I'm relaxing myself. A lot of people may thing that they are for children. But their drawings transmite a lot of feelings that even a child who likes Alice In Wonderland it will be not able to apreciate it .

The first shelf has the books of Rebecca
and the second shelf has Benjamin's.

Rebecca Dautremer
Image source

Benjamin Lacombe
Image source

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