dijous, 6 de juny de 2013


Last month, Sílvia Costa and I did a presentation about a different kind of education. We did the Ladies' Cheltenham College. A boarding school just for girls where they can do art, sports, drama and more subjects that we haven't got here apart from the normal ones: maths, history, ...
Here's the prezi:

While we were doing the research we were imagining how our lives would be if we lived in there. The school is amazing, with a lot of resouces and activities to do.
I'm still thinking if I would enjoyed be in there. I suppose that if I grew up in there, I will love it. But if now I could have the chance to go there, I wouldn't be comfortable.
I will have to start from the beginning. I think that I couldn't live in my school. In my opinion I think that it's important that every girl has her own space where they can relax from all the world. If I couldn't desconnect a little from high school I would be a mad and crazy person. Some rules are very strict. Is it necessary to be obligated to have your hair tied back? Or what if I'm not comfortable enough to wear a skirt? It's obvious that you're not going to have a curtain of hair in front of your eyes!

Maybe my high school it's not famous, but I like the way it is. We are not the best students, we are all different kind of students. Somtimes we have to live bad situations: this is going to make us stronger.
Some behaviours make me think that this is the reality. Not everybody will be nice at you even if you're nice at them.

We learn a lot of things in school, and not all of them are subjects!

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