dijous, 6 de juny de 2013


Those days I'm very stressed because of all the final exams. So, when I have some free time, or I take a break while I was studying, what I like to do is watch youtube channels. I'm following a lot of people in YouTube who makes videos talking about their life. Most of them speak with irony, and that's what I like. It makes me laugh and have a good time. When you started to follow people like that, then you discover that there's an another channel very similar and funny, too!

Last week I've founded a channel called BuzzFeed where they upload very short videos. And you will find a funny one as soon as you find an inspirational one. I love every single one. I think that I've seen the majority of them.

Inspirational videos:

Funny videos:

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  1. Awesome videos!! it's a great way to relax for me too!! LOL!
    great blog, keep up the good work next year, Anna! :)))