dijous, 6 de juny de 2013


The 22nd of May, Sílvia, some friends and I went to a concert. Going there was a dream for us: we were going to see One Direction singing. It was amazing! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

Wednesday it started like a normal day. Running late, sleepy face, zombie walking,... But then, when you realize what day of the week is... It's like when you wake up and it's Christmas morning! 
High school went well, and then we left from Castelló to Badalona! I was very happy while we were on the road: we were singing their songs and telling jokes. I was happy until I realized that I didn't pick my glasses. The whole world went down. Was I going to be in a concert of my favourite band without seeing anything? I was depressed, I was about to cry! "Everyone is going to see them and I'm just going to see dots mixed with all the screamings!". I thought that because we were at the end of the grades. 

I think that I will win the gold medal of the Olympics, in the category about who's going to loose their head someday. And I'm not kidding: it's not the first time that I forget to pick up something. Or leave something that it's important in a place that I don't remember...

When we were inside I discovered that we weren't as far as I tought that it would be. And there were two gigant screens. I could see it all perfectly!

I was very surprised that their voice didn't change.  A lot of celeberities seemed that they had a great voice on the studio, but then in the concert you can barely hear them. They had amazing voices!

We were singing, shouting and getting emotioned with everything that they did. This things don't usually happen, so we enjoyed so much!

It's a shame that they are not coming back until next year. But the truth is that we're lucky that they're coming  back so early! 
All prepared for the concert!

Sílvia and me waiting at the row.

The boys!


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