dijous, 10 d’octubre de 2013


We always say that the bast summer is the one that we've just had. However, I can assure that this summer was the best. Not because it was a lot funnier that the other ones, it was the best because the next ones are not going to be that nice. We will have to do the "Treball de recerca" and I'll have to find a job. It will be interesting, too but I don't think that I'm going to have fun with that...

By now, all I can do is remember how I enjoyed my summer. At the begining I wasn't doing that much. Just enjoying my free time going out with friends, swimming, etc. My favourite part was when I went to Bournemouth. Going to somewhere alone whith your friends it's a little frightening, but it was a great experience. While you're learning new things about England and the languajes you're meeting new people and I think it's awsome.

I will also remember this summer because it was very emotional for me. My grandfather passed away and it was so sad. But for the other hand, my cousin got married and we're very happy for them.

 I think that all the good things come when the bad things have passed.

Having fun in front of the Buckingham Palace!

Some of us in Bournemouth.
Arriving home! :(

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