divendres, 30 de maig de 2014


Everyone has heard about Candy Crush, Temple Run, and nowadays Flappy Bird. They are as famous as they are because people of all ages are constantly playing. Do they really deserve all the hype? I don't think so!
The other day I was playing a new game that it's called 2048. It consists of making number combinations to reach until 2048. It sounds boring but when you start playing you get addicted because you want to achieve the goal. You want to win. So I did, after a few lost games I won. And guess what? The game didn't finish! When you reach the main goal they say that now you have to reach to 4096. I've never gone that far but I'm sure that this goes on and on...

What I want to point out is that we are addicted to a kind of games that don't have an end, so we're NEVER going to win. Then why we play games that are going to make us feel very frustrated? 

A clear example is Flappy Bird, I'm not making out anything saying that the prupose of this game is make you loose. It became popular very fast because people couldn't even reach to the first coin, so they told to their friends to play it and their friends to other friends... At the end Apple had to remove the game because people get very mad, some even throw their phones against the wall! 

In conclusion, we love to play those games although we know that we're not going to win!

Here's a video of teens playing Flappy Bird:

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