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Have you ever taken a selfie? Of course you did!
I named this entry The Selfie Movement because it is a movement. We all love to take a selfie when we're at an unusual place, or we just had our hair cut, basically, we usually take selfies when we are doing something that we're proud, or just different that what we would do in a regular day. But that's not the movement. Now there're people taking more than ten selfies per day. And in my opinion I'm not sure if this is right, or even unhealthy. I'll get to this point later because I had found out  how selfies became popular.

The first selfies (taken by phones) were when in Japan, they made  a mobile with a small mirror next to the camera, in order to see you when you were taking the photo. This went on until front cameras appeared, next to Instagram (an app where you can post square photos and add filters). People say that the first person to post a selfie was in 2011, when an asian lady post a photo of herself showing a jumper that she just bought. Since then lots of people joined the Selfie Movement, and the hashtag #selfie has been used more than 80 million times. 

A curious fact is that the word Selfie was the Oxford's English Word of the year in 2013.
That year the Papa of Rome and the President Obama took a selfie (separately!), and this year in the Oscars Ceremony when Ellen took a selfie with a bunch of important people. Then she posted the picture in twitter and that tweet has been the most retweeted tweet ever!

selfie obama
Obama posing for the selfie
Image source
Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen's selfie
Image source

Since then a lot of people has been taking selfies, but it got into a point where I think that it's too much. Taking a lot of selfies everyday it's not normal for me. It shows how people are obsessed about themselves, about looking good, or well, you don't have to look good at all because then you can edit photos to be more "perfect". 

More recently, a DJ made a song called #Selfie, and I think (or hope) that the song prupouse is to criticize the selfie addicts.

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