diumenge, 25 de maig de 2014


Weeks ago, some of the students of batxillerat went to London, and we had a really great time! It was a very beautiful experience share all those moments with people you enjoy being with. So why I should keep it to myself?

On the first day I can't remember if we were nervous or not. I don't think so because we were all very excited and surrounded with hapiness. We knew that we wanted to make the most of that trip as possible. And we did. It all went perfect. When we were waiting our plane we decided to sit in a circle and play games, the time flied. We were very tired because we woke up very early but it didn't stopped us to face the rest of the day and enjoy London.

During those days we saw the most important things of London, like the Big Ben, the London Eye, the National History Museum, the Tate Museum and all the markets, etc. And we also went on a pub to eat very typical meals from England. We deserved the golden tourist medal (if it exists). We also enjoy our free time to go shopping on our own. It was a little scary but we had a great time. And for sure we practised English! In our free time we went to Starbucks and we found a nice lady who answered some of our quiz of London.
People there are quite nice. It looks like they're always there to help you.

In conclusion, the trip it couldn't go any better! Here're some photos that we took:

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