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Two or three years ago a new trend in the musical industry started. A lot of recognised world wide singers started to introduce bad language in their songs. I'm not talking about the rappers like Emminem and others, they make a kind of music that it's almost understandable if they put a swear word. And maybe it's not the right thing, but they always have been like that. 

I'm talking about singers who have audience from all the ages and they have THE NEED of putting swear words in their songs. In the United Kingdom they have banned those kind of songs, or just the swear word. But what can they do when the whole song is a swear word? Like Fuck You by CeeLo Green, a very enthisuastic song. My little cousin was singing that song the other day in the car and she had no idea of what she was singing. They're showing people that there's nothing bad about saying rude things. More recently, Brirney Spears made Work Bitch. What kind of people thought that this was a good idea? I can't even understand the joke. But there's no joke in it. 
At the beginning here in Spain the radio stations made an effort to camuflage the bad language, but not anymore.

Now in youtube you will find every song and the clear version (the same song without any bad language). What's the point of making two versions? I think that we're loosing the concept of a good singer. A good singer should have to know how to express himself without using bad language, with sarcasm, irony, or whatever. Our biggest weapons are our words. How can you defend yourself with an "I'm a bitch" in your shield?

I didn't feel the need of putting stars (*) on the bad words because everyone is used to it, right?

Here is an example of the song Fuck You by CeeLo Green, which I'm sure that everyone has heard it before:

And here's the version that you'll hear in the UK, Forget You:

Perhaps this song would haven't been as famous as it was but it wasn't necessary.

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