diumenge, 18 de maig de 2014


Last week we were doing a Spanish test and one of the exercices was to read a little text. The text was about that children nowadays don't know a lot about what is good or what is bad and it's because all the films or cartoons are changing the role of the villain.

 I remember when I was little and I was being anoying my mother would tell me that "el monstre del sac" would come and get me and I got very scared. Nowadays, my seven year-old cousin wants to be the villain of the movies! It happens that the villains aren't really villains, they aren't evil it's the way that they are. They are evil because they has some resons and they end up being innocent and good people. When I was a child the villains just wanted to annoy people and at hey would end up dead or running away. 

When a child sees a movie and the evil turns to a good character, the child is not able to recognise the bad from the good. We are growing up in a society where good is always the winner. Where zombies and vampires go to highschool, have girlfriends and have to take care of their families. But we all know that in reallity, monsters are always going to be monsters, and that good it isn't always winning.

The old vampires.
The new ones.

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