diumenge, 18 de maig de 2014


When I was born my parents had me christened, I did my comunion at the age of nine and I got confirmated when I was fifteen. I don't know why I have done all those things because now when I think about those moments I wouldn't consider them as important for my life, although I had good memories of that. I don't consider myself an atheist but I don't believe in God, at least not the Christian God that almost everyone arround me believe in. 

My point of view is that everyone needs to believe in something, if it exists or not it's not important. How are you going to have faith if you don't believe in anything?
You have to believe in something that fits your personality, that makes you feel comfortable. If not, you're not going to believe in it, you would just accept it . Perhaps because you have grown up in a certain religion or you just don't care. 

I didn't care until I realised that what Christian religion was offering me was not what I needed. The fact is that we all need something to rely on. I believe in human society. If someone has inventef all the religions, why I can't invent one for myself?

Another religion
Is Wi-Fi going to be our next God?

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